Gavita & Denova

 spectre led phaser x660

 spectre led phaser x660

 Denova 1000 watt integrated de

 reflector & ballast

Innovative DE System

  • 5-mode adjustable reflector & dimmable balast.

  • Light maintenance after 5000 hrs > 95%

  • 10 foot power cord

  • 3 year warranty on ballast

  • Hortilux DE installed in this system

 gavita pro 1000e de e-series

 600-1500 watt

All e-series ballasts and fixtures have the following added new features and advanced functionality:

  • Master controller input for external control

  • Three color status LED for advanced status indication and status history

  • Improved housing with extra cooling capacity for an even cooler operation Repositioned mounting eye bolts for better weight distribution and stable installation

  • Suitable for 120-240V, using an IEC input for flexible mains cord choice

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