Poly Film

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We research, design, and manufacture polyethylene film products for the horticultural industry.

Pioneers in the North American polyethylene industry: from our Edmonton, Alberta facilities, we research, design, and manufacture polyethylene film products for the agricultural, horticultural, and construction industries, gaining global respect and recognition for our innovative technology, durability, performance and value. Our new 7 Layer technology is a testament to that legacy of excellence in innovation.

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Poly Film
  • Outstanding light transmission, haze, clarity ratings help optimize yield in greenhouse applications.

  •  A unique manufacturing process and advanced resin technology provide BPI agriculture's films with superior tear strength.

  • High strength at folds reduce the likelihood of punctures and tears in critical areas.

  • Advance UV stabilizers maximize physical properties for the rated life of film and help protect film from chemical damage. 

  • Bee compatibility feature allows more of the UV spectrum to pass through the film, making it easier for bees to navigate and achieve more efficient pollination than with mechanical means.

  • Outstanding thermal properties keep the heat in by reducing radiant heat loss. Heaters cycle less often and consume less energy to maintain a set temperature; a combination that offers potential energy savings of 15-20%.

  • Controls drips, maintains light transmission, and enhances thermal benefit.

  • Optimized light distribution in all parts of the greenhouse.

  • Diffusion helps protects plants from sunburn. Light is even, not intense.

  • High strength at folds mean higher resistance to punctures and tears. 

Poly Film
Poly Film
  • Lowers greenhouse temperature by as much as 9°F  when compared to standard film. 

  • Produces higher-yielding plants with stronger than normal root systems.

  • Less demand for watering.

  • Inhibits fungus spore development for healthier plants.

  • Inhibits insect propagation.

  • Prolongs the growing season.

Poly Film
  • Brilliant white layer ensures maximum light reflectivity.

  • Provides maximum control when used as a blackout curtain for your crops.

  • Reflects heat and cools better than shade cloth.

  • Designed specifically to withstand the wear and tear of either foot traffic or retractable curtain systems, so that crop management control is not reduced in these higher-stress applications.

  • ​High strength at folds means higher resistance to punctures and tears. In any film, weaknesses can occur where the polymer strands are bent at a fold. Increased fold strength minimizes performance issues at these key areas.

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