Root Pruning Containers

NSI & Poppelmann

Air Root Pruning System

The unique design of the Accelerator® container employs vertical corrugations to guide the root tips to air pruning slots located along the sidewall of the container. 

Air Root Pruning Container

This results in a denser, more uniform root mass and eliminates root circling. Liner roots develop quicker and this can reduce the need for over-wintering protection. Plus, a healthier root structure means the shelf life can be extended without worrying about plant distress.

Accelerator Pot, Air Root Pruning Container
  • Field tested

  • Air root pruning system

  • Promotes healthy lateral root

  • Eliminates root circling

  • One year quality guarantee

poppelmann net & slit pots

Item: G 5 - 0200 (net pot)

2 in.

2 in.

2.37 fl oz (70 ml)

Net Pot, Air Root Pruning Container
Slit Pot, Air Root Pruning Container

Item: S 5.5 LB - 0215 (slit pot)

2 1/8 in.

2 in.

2.54 fl oz (75 ml)