Square Pots

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Summit Square Pots

Summit's square pots include pots manufactured at the JanorPot brand facility using the same strong raw material-- polypropylene. The two and two and one-half (2 and 2 1/2) quart containers offer smooth sides for a large label and both are True-to-Measure. These product-line additions address industry issues including optimization of floor space and media content. 

Poppelmann Square Pots

A range of greater advantages for you. The TEKU® value of our square pots and containers, from which you profit every day. All square pots are the same? Not from Pöppelmann TEKU®. Fast growth, healthy flowers, excellent stacking and unstacking and the extensive use of recycled material. 

Landmark Square Pots

Our injection-molded square pots are made with high-quality polypropylene resin for durability and versatility.

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Ainong Square Pots

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Landmark 1.0 pt T Pot Deep

True 1.00 pt T Pot Deep * New * Product code: 325TPD Cell diameter (inches): 3.25 Cell depth (inches): 4.20 Max liquid volume (U.S. / metric): 1.00 pt/473.2 mL Max dry volume (cubic inches): 29.02 Pieces per carton: 1,200 Cartons per pallet: 36 Bulk: 21,710

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